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Simple effects in kumihimo

bag charm braid braiding charm crafting japanese lady kit kumihimo Purple scissor scissor keeper sparkly

Inspiration is everywhere but if you are going to design complicated kits it's always good to remember that beginners want to make pretty things too.  Here at EC HQ we are working a series of scossor keepers / bag charm patterns and kits. 

So inspired by these lovely Japanese lady beads (after all, kumihimo is Japanese braiding) we made up a simple scissor keeper design using black cord and sparkly purple thread.  The braid seems to have a spiral texture to it, boing in and out.  This is a really simple effect to achieve - the cord is 1.5mm but the sparkly thread is only 0.4mm. The difference in diameter creates xtrue without having to do anything complicated.

So, it's ideal as a first or second project and the kits will be on sale shortly.  Wait until you see the other colour options.

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