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Braiding with thin cord - SLon and beads

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Yesterday I decided to try out some new beaded Kumihimo braids that to be basis of our new kits.

This has reminded me of two of the key things you need to remember when working with thinner threads and beads and kumihimo disks

  • Keep a spare disk
If you have been using cord to make your braids, the slots in your disk will start to get bigger to match your cord.  Even if you use thinner 1mm or 1.5mm, moving to SLon cord is a much thinner cord and the slots may not grip as well.
One of the things that we are really pleased about is being able to supply disks at a price that means you can have two or three disks.
I keep my beading disks separate to my cording disks so I don't muddle them.


  • Make sure that spare disk with a big centre hole

If you are working with beads, the braid you are making is going to be much thicker than a standard braid made with even 2mm cord.  

If your chosen disk has a smaller hole, you may need to carefully attack it with a craft knife and make the hole bigger.



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