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"From the first time I watched someone make lace I wanted to have a go. There was something magical about the rhythmic movement of the bobbins on the pillow. "
Learn to make lace
"When creativity kicks in you want make something there and then"
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Liz Baker
Chief Designer & Tutor, 07958186842
Learning to make lace in her early 20s, Liz found that almost as soon as she started learning there was a shortage of teachers. Within 2 years, Liz started to teach and found that people enjoyed learning with her. By the turn of the millennium, Liz had taken this love of teaching crafts and turned it into a full time job as a business trainer. Liz's business training skills have been recognised with Industry awards and she has used her experience to make learning a new craft a pleasure. Passionate about having the right tools for the job, this has led Liz into sourcing and creating the essentials for crafting that are both beautiful to own and use. Liz likes to say that she finds the items that she want in her life so that you will want them too. Having beautiful tools inspire you to create. Starting with needlecraft tools; the etui of our name Liz has branched out into bags and other storage for crafts, work and special occasions. In September 2017, Liz created two new learning opportunities. She founded the Rothwell bobbins for lacemaking and Kumihimo Me for Japanese braiding. Liz is a member of the Heritage Craft Association, the Lace Society, The Braid Society and a Founder Member of the American Kumihimo Society. Beautiful needlework and fibre arts to inspire you. Lacemaking, Japanese braiding and fibre arts tuition.
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